Web design by Toma-Nova Inc. Kamy S. Tomanov My carrier first started as a fashion designer - working with colors and fabrics, doing a hand-knit line and managing the process from sketching to execution. This made me a part of one highly competitive industry.  After many journeys in my life, I came to Chicago, which is where I live and work. As a Graphic Designer I work on a variety of projects – logos, brochures and marketing fliers for print advertisements. I also create design concepts and sample layouts for websites, special orders for trade show exhibits. However, my real passion is still to draw and paint. As an artist I like to make people think of my art, not only to enjoy the colors, but also to “read” the story behind it. My paintings are mostly acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastels on canvas and watercolor papers. I like to experiment with different techniques and materials. Often in my work  you can see  implants of  metal, fabrics, yarn and leather. My inspiration has strong connection with the Bulgarian traditions, holidays and folklore. I have the opportunity to touch and learn for different cultures and I am happy to share it with new generations. I teach classes in art for children   all different ages that have strong feelings and desire to specialize art. My students gain knowledge by participating in discussions. This is the base to expand their abilities of drawing, painting, sketching, designing, and sculpting, the theory and history of art. I observe their progress, make suggestions for improvement, go on field trips to museums or art galleries, and arrange exhibitions of student’s work in and out of school.
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